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Varenr.: AST11T
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awave AST11T 11 inch 28cm 150W Spare Wheel Subwoofer 360 x 120mm CarHifi Bass
Active 28cm Spare Wheel Subwoofer
Power: 150W RMS @ 2&Omega, Class A/B amplifier
Custom Molded Sealed Cast Aluminum Housing - fits >15" rim spare tire
Remote Control for Volume, Bass Boost, Low-pass & Phase switch
Low-Pass/Phase Switch, Auto Turn-On/Off
RCA high level inputs
Plug and Play Connection System
awave AST11T 11 inch / 28cm 150W Spare Wheel Subwoofer (360 x 120mm)
If you can not or do not want to use classic subwoofer enclosures for space reasons, a spare wheel subwoofer is ideal. If the spare wheel is in the spare wheel well, and there should also be, then the big trump card of the AST11T comes into play. This subwoofer can be comfortably and stably installed in the recess of the rim of the spare wheel (> 15").
Remote control and features
Practical and for the perfect match, according to personal preference and musical direction, the remote control is an indispensable detail. It offers various options for fine adjustment. Ideally, it will be placed over a secure cable connection directly in the center console area.
Here are the settings in detail:
Input gain control
The right adjustment of the volume on the input side. The adjustment between the main unit and the subwoofer is easily possible.
Bass Boost
With the bass booster you can amplify the sound content of low bass frequencies below 45 Hz. You can feel it, if you play something with this button!
Low Pass Filter (LPF)
With the LPF you determine the frequency below which the bass part is filtered out of the sound image. Infinitely select between 50 and 150 Hz.
Phase switch
The subwoofer can be adjusted to the position of the handset via the phase switch switch. The distance between the handset and subwoofer plays an important role, after which the orientation of the bass is aligned in the sound image.
Fuse: 25A
Color: black
Dimensions: ⌀ 36cm / 34,8cm x 12 cm
Power Rating (RMS): 150W
Size: 28cm / 11"
Impedance: 2Ω
Voice Coil: Single
Mounting depth: 120mm
THD @ Rated Power: <1%
S/N Ratio: >90dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 150Hz
Low Pass Filter (LPF): 50Hz - 150Hz
Subsonic: 20Hz
Sub Phase: 0-180°
Bass Boost: 0-12 dB

Remote control
Installation material
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