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Varenr.: HE-0080
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100 Ah Norm. Capacity, 4000 Watt
Cold Cranking 800 A,
Pulse Cranking 2000 A,
Short Circuit 4000 A,

LxWxH 306 x 169 x 214 mm - 30,0 kg
Authentic AGM - Maintance Free -
Horizontally Mountable - M8 Post optional.

Recommended as Car Audio additional battery for amplifier power up to 4000W

The main advantages :
* Maximum Cranking Performance
* Designed as Add-On Battery
* Optional Premium OEM Replacement
* No Degasing inside vehicle space
* Support Start-Stop-Funktion
* HIGH ENERGY Frame Design
* 4 times higher Cycle Lifetime
* Optimized Depp Charge Resistance
Comparision with conventional Batteries

Hollywood ENERGETIC Car Audio Power Cells are especially designed for the maximum power short term applications. With its outstanding intl. reputation we are featuring this most powerful AGM technology in traditional yellow case Design.

ENERGETIC is powering Champions. ENERGETIC is the only choice if no compromize is acceptable or 2nd ranking is the first looser. ENERGETIC keep up stable especially on Peak consumption and provide at an impuls demand almost double as others do. All in regard of music is an impuls and the ENERGETIC SPEED consider not only an one way discharge direction. ENERGETIC Power Cells are much faster recharged and are right back in the lane ready to continue their car audio battle. This is why the most common ENERGETIC competition applicaton are for example the dB Drag Racing. But not only....

All kind of applications a limited size need maximum power performance are the Home of ENERGETIC and its passion since foundation. Therefor with another range of DIN AGM models ENERGETIC present even the most powerful OEM replacements on the market. This in order to pamper all those High Technology Energetic Consumption Cars on the roads. Those who need an extra GIFT on performance and this solicitous care of their owners. Sure...., starting a Motor is far away a competition for a Hollywood ENERGETIC Power Cell. But......, if you want go swimming, not stay in bathroom.