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MOREL ULTIMO 102 2 ohm svingspole

Varenr.: ultimo 102
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Engineered to set a new standard in subwoofer technology and bass performance, the Ultimo and Ultimo SC are equipped with a gigantic 5.1” Hexatech External Voice Coil (EVC™) that is constructed of a heavy gauge, high temperature aluminum wire around an extra thick aluminum former to produce articulated output up to their respective RMS power ratings. The new DMM™ (Dual Magnet Motor) motor design achieves over 90% efficiency and the PFS™ (Progressive Field Symmetry) spider/surround technology stiffens the spider as excursion level increases ensuring maximum linearity, minimum distortion, and truly flat response.

The Ultimo and the Ultimo SC share similar technologies, but are designed to offer different power handling and price options.
Model Nominal Impedance (ohms) Power Handling (Wrms) Max. Trans.Pwr Handling (10ms) W Sensitiity (2.83V/1M) (dB) Frequency Response (Hz)
ULTIMO 102 2 1000 3000 87 10-900