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Varenr.: NKILL-F18
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High-quality polyester fleece for insulation and elimination of noise, self-adhesive, 4 sheets à 500 x 700 mm, 18 mm thick, 1.4 sqm. The dense ETON NOISEKILL FLEECE 18 fabric structure gives it a particularly strong insulating effect, so that, loose interior trim can be protected against vibrations and noise. The dense fleece material can be compressed down to a few millimetres, yet it still has the necessary swelling behaviour and is therefore the perfect insulating material for all interior door linings/door panels - so that rattling noises from bowden cables, cables or other moving components behind the door are a thing of the past. The strong adhesive layer ensures easy application and a long-lasting bond. Engineered in Germany - IN SOUND WE TRUST.